Serena's Vineyard and Four Sisters Ranch

sr350Serena's Vineyard & Four Sisters Ranch are located in the famous Paso Robles AVA. For over 24 years we have been growers, producing grapes and bulk wines for multiple renowned wineries in Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Texas and also for worldwide distribution.

In 2008, with great pride and passion, we began to bottle Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot under our own label.

Our prior and newest vintages of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot, including our Private and Winemaker Reserve wines, are now available to purchase. Currently our wines are sold in California, the greater United States and China.

The Promise Of Paso Robles

Esteemed wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr. believes the Paso Robles area of the Central Coast shows some of the greatest potential in all of California. In fact, Paso Robles Syrah was ranked the number one wine in the world in 2010 by Wine Spectator.

Paso Robles, sometimes called “ Napa South”, is known for its favorable microclimates and limestone rich soils. This, combined with warm days and cool nights, fosters the best out of the grapes resulting in exceptional depth of flavors and a long finish to the wine.  Our Four Sisters Ranch is a family affair named after our four daughters, Sacheen, Elan, Toccara, and Sierra, who each contribute uniquely to our success. As medical doctors, we (Michael and Serena) are especially excited about the cardiovascular health benefits of our wine.

August2005-35mm42The wines made from our grapes have won many accolades and awards, including medals at the Shanghai China Sommeliers Wine Challenge of 2010, the 2010 and 2012 Orange County Wine Society, the 2009 and 2012 Central Coast Wine Competition, and other awards.  Four Sisters Ranch wines were reviewed in Food and Beverage International.

We began grape growing more than 23 years ago when we acquired land on Highway 46 East in Paso Robles. We transformed beautiful land with rolling hills and oak trees into a vineyard called Oak Creek Vineyard and then cultivated the Four Sisters Ranch near the Estrella River.

We work with our winemaker to ensure the rich blackberry Syrah and the classy lush mouth feel of our Cabernet comes through.  Our California Merlot has striking flavors of black cherries, plums and a soft, smooth finish to compliment all food cuisines. 

We embrace sustainability practices to be eco-friendly and socially responsible. Additionally, our unique position as both medical doctors and winemakers has compelled us to promote antioxidant health benefits of wine. Dr. Serena Friedman has been able to address these health benefits as a keynote speaker at the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair and in Yantai, China.

Our wines have been featured at many locations in California, including the renowned Spago, Hyatt Hotel, Sheraton Universal, Westlake Village Inn, Grand Vista Hotel, golf clubs, fine restaurants, wine shops and more.  You can often find us pouring our wine at events throughout the country.  Be sure to check out our blog for the latest news and events!

Check out the amazing praise we received from Food and Beverage International!

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"A laidback and balanced wine makes this Cabernet easy on the palate. It offers a sophisticated floral nose with hints of violet, black currants, cherries, chocolate, and yes, vanilla, that heightened this drinker’s curiosity. The wine’s subtle tannins make for a light mouthful, and soft fruit flavors provide a pleasant hint of sweetness. A great wine to pair with lighter grilled meats, honey walnut prawns, or a braised lamb shank."

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"Hold this glass up to the sunlight and revel in the beautiful gem like hues. A light, highly drinkable wine with great legs make this Syrah a great compliment to warm summer evenings with friends. Its wall of floral nose with a hint of leather offers a dry, subtle fruit palate that builds to a lingering, balanced finish with a hint of spice. Grill up some salmon and enjoy, but this drinkable wine will go great with anything you’ve got going."

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"These Merlot grapes, from the coastal regions of California, where the Pacific Ocean fog creates cool nights, result in balanced flavorful wine: tastes of black cherries, plums and figs come alive, ending in a smooth soft finish, crisp acidity and ripe fruit flavors, with deep red hues and full structure, aged on oak and goes well with meats, rice, poultry, pasta, vegetarian dishes and conversation."

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