Sustainable Practices

We are out there in the vineyard to ensure the best outcome for the grapes and to produce the best product. 


Nature plays a role, of course, but we have selected the best lots of our grapes and have given them extra care and attention.

We use sustainable farming practices on the vineyard to preserve the environment, such as cover crops, irrigation and canopy management, wetland protection, mechanical in-row tilling, erosion control, and minimal use of pesticides and herbicides. We are using our "Weed Seeker" and "Rodinator" equipment to control weeks and rodents without using toxic chemicals. When possible we try to use lighter weight green bottles to reduce the carbon footprint. We take great pride and are passionate in what we are doing.

We know how competitive the wine business has become and are quite mindful that quality

is the key to our success.  In order to achieve consistent wine quality our approach from the beginning has been to be involved in all critical decision making.  We selected the land, evaluated the soils, decided on the rootstocks and clones, and chose the spacing of the rows, type and adjustment of the trellising, irrigation systems, and canopy to allow just the right amount of light and air to bring the grapes to their highest potential. We also decided on fertilization, watering, thinning of the plants, timing of the harvest, selection of the winemakers, and “fine tuning” of the wine for premium quality. 

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